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A bad exam result can have a great outcome

25 / Aug / 2016
Disappointed in your GCSE exam results? Concerned your future is on hold? Worry not... Here's advice from 1-2-1 HomeTutors.

8 Habits of Highly Successful Learners

25 / Aug / 2013

The study of student motivation and engagement has uncovered a great deal about the particular habits and traits of those learners who are more likely to succeed. Listed here are the 8 of these habits which appear to be the best predictors.

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22 / Aug / 2013

GCSE results

19 / Aug / 2013

#GCSEresults2013 are out this week, and students heading into year 12 and sixth form studies now have to decide which A levels to choose and the subjects to take at AS. Some already know their choices, others may still be deciding. In this post we offer tips on choosing AS level subjects.

Grammar school entrance - what to expect

17 / Aug / 2013

Is your child in year 5 (or maybe even year 4)? If so, you will probably be considering options for their next school. Locally, there are many selective state grammar schools that use an Eleven Plus (#11+) style entrance exam test and here are a few pointers on what to expect...

Summer preparation for Grammar School entrance tests

23 / Jul / 2013

Summer holiday activities to help prepare your child for their upcoming grammar school entrance exam and keep their minds active

Choosing A levels

07 / Mar / 2013

It’s that time of year when year 11 students have to decide which subjects to study at A level. For some this is an easier decision because they’ve got a specific career path in mind but for others it can be a worrying time ...

GCSE 1/2 certificates

10 / Jul / 2012

AQA enters the iGCSE arena with the launch of 1/2 certificates

A level results - what next...

16 / Aug / 2010

Have you a teenage child awaiting results? Or are you nervously awaiting your own results? You’ve probably heard competition for University places has reached new heights and that even those with the grades may not get a place. In this post we look at some options...

Dealing with School

12 / Jul / 2010

School is tough – there are so many pressures. However, help is at hand to help children deal with bullying, depression, lack of confidence, general fears and panics of school and learning

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